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USAID Vietnam Leads

Duration: 2019 - 2022

Partner: Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics 

Prime Contractor: Indiana University

Sub-awardee: Sang Kien Viet Nam

Donor: United States Agency for International Development

hcma1 - dt 13.7.2021.png

Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, Politburo member and Director of HCMA (left), and Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh addressed the Local Development Dialogues in 2021

Training courses carried out at HCMA

The project takes a holistic strategy to strengthen the leadership and governance skills of top provincial officials. USAID Vietnam Leads mobilized foreign and domestic academics and think tanks to deliver capacity building, research and advisory activities to senior provincial officials.

3 Main objectives of this project

1. Improving the quality of training programs of HCMA for senior provincial government officials with a focus on leadership and governance; 

2. Providing policy advice to local governments with an evidence-based policy-making approach through collaboration between international and national scholars and practitioners, and Vietnamese champion provinces; A Provincial Development Forum will be organized for local issues and initiatives to be shared and discussed among experts, policy-makers, and provincial top leaders;

3. Strengthening Vietnam-U.S. collaboration; USAID Vietnam Leads serves as the partnership between Indiana University-Bloomington, a leading U.S. educational institution in public affairs, and HCMA, Vietnam’s national center for mid-level and high-ranking government officials; Various professional development activities are deployed, including partnership in training, research and policy advocacy; A Hub for Provincial Leadership and Development will be established and based in HCMA.


Senior provincial officials trained

22 studies 
on 15 provinces

HCMA faculty members trained

Provincial Leaders attending LDD

  • 2,155 senior provincial officials and 130 HCMA faculty members were trained on with cutting-edge perspectives and instruments for leadership, performance management, digitalization and human economy.

  • 22 studies on 15 provinces to provide socio-economic and policy analysis and recommendations to local authorities.

  • Successfully organized three national Local Development Dialogues with attendance of more than 300 provincial leaders, senior policy makers, specialists, and businesses. to discuss key local development issues and initiatives.

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